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  • Research Highlights Template

    The Research Highlights template is available to authors who have been invited by the Research Highlights Board to revise their research papers for the Communications magazine and online audiences. Space limitations require that these revisions not exceed six-to-eight two-column magazine pages. The template is offered as a measuring tool to help authors in that regard. Revisions may not exceed the page limits of the template. The template and supporting files are available in the Author Materials.zip file. Individual files are described below.

    Authors are advised that submitting a paper in the template does not reflect a camera-ready version of the paper. Like all editorial material approved for publication in the montly Communications magazine, these papers will be edited and copyedited. Authors will receive page proofs to review for any last-minute changes or corrections.

    Unlike some other journals that offer authors several days to review proofs and make substantial revisions, Communications' tight production schedule does not allow this flexibility. Authors will have two-to-three days to return corrected pages. Moreover, authors are discouraged from submitting a manuscript if there is a strong likelihood that significant changes will need to be made or revisions will continue in page proofs.

    The following files are included in the Author Materials.zip file.