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Alain Chesnais Welcomes Grace Hopper Attendees

By Valerie Barr

November 11, 2011

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At the opening of the Grace Hopper Conference on Nov. 10, Alan Chesnais, President of ACM, welcomed attendees on behalf of ACM.  He underscored the importance to ACM of issues of diversity and gender inequality.  He noted that ACM takes this so seriously that the ACM-W council reports directly to ACM leadership.

He asked the attendees to consider how they can continue their Grace Hopper experience during the year, and then listed ways in which ACM can help.  Those of you not at GHC who are concerned about the dearth of women in computing can do these things as well!

Finally, given the astounding array of experience and talent in the room, he encouraged people to volunteer to become a distinguished speaker, thereby increasing the number of women in that pool. 


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