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Mumbai Surgeon Performs Knee Replacement Surgery ­sing Ipod Touch

By Moneycontrol.com

August 30, 2011

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Mumbai surgeon Arun Mullaji, together with orthopedic implant company, successfully performed knee replacement surgery on a 75-year-old patient using an iPod Touch. The patient was walking on his new knee the same day.




The surgery by Mullaji, a specialist in computer-aided knee replacement surgery, was the first commercial non-experimental orthopedic  surgery in Asia to have been done using an iPod Touch. It was performed using the DASH technology formulated by orthopedic implant company Smith & Nephew. The system involves an iPod Touch with tiny instruments attached, which the surgeon can position, according to data fed on the iPod Touch. This data enables the surgeon to cut the bone with precision, and place a new joint. The exact alignments and the position of the operated portion can be viewed on the iPod Touch's screen.


Soon as many as five Indian hospitals will be equipped with the DASH technology.

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