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Grandfather of Vr: The Virtual Can Show the Beauty of the Real


December 18, 2015

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Thomas Furness is known as the pioneer who stood at the inception of what we know today as virtual reality.

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John Rupkalvis

A very good article; among other things it points out that VR has been around for a long time. Back in 1961, I was working on a VR project with Mort Heilig. And, at that time Mort was telling me about VR work that he himself did in the 1950's. He frequently brought Virtual Reality into the conversation, which is not surprising, since he had coined the term some years prior. So, it is good to hear about others whom have been working in VR for much longer than most people are aware. I am sure that there are several, and hopefully their stories will also appear in "Communications of the ACM".

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