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Russia Will Spend $790M to Build Quantum Computer

By Nature

January 9, 2020

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Russia has launched an effort to build a working quantum computer, in a bid to catch up to other countries in the race for practical quantum technologies.

The government will inject around 50 billion roubles (US$790 million) over the next five years into basic and applied quantum research carried out at leading Russian laboratories, the country's deputy prime minister, Maxim Akimov, announced at a technology forum in December. The windfall is part of a 258-billion-rouble (US$4.21 billion) program for research and development in digital technologies, which the Kremlin has deemed vital for modernizing and diversifying the Russian economy.

"If things work out as planned, this initiative will be a major step towards bringing Russian quantum science to a world-class standard," says Aleksey Fedorov, a quantum physicist at the Russian Quantum Center research facility.

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