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Stanford Seeks Volunteers to Help Teach Its Online Coding Course

By Scientific American

April 1, 2020

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Stanford is opening its wildly popular introductory coding class, CS106A, to the public — completely free of charge. The university seeking volunteer instructors who know Python to assist with the course.

CS 106A, taken by almost 1,600 students every year, has been developed over the last 30 years by an amazing team of Stanford professors. The condensed public course, 106A: Code in Place, will teach fundamentals of computer programming with the widely-used Python programming language.

There will be three filmed lectures a week. But what makes CS106A special is its section leaders, mentors who teach 40-minute small-group sections of students outside of the lectures. Section leaders are specially trained to help students learn in an interactive and community-oriented way.

In order to scale the course to the public in a way that maintains its magic, Stanford is looking for volunteer mentors to fill the role of section leader for students in the public course. Each new volunteer means 10 more students learn to love coding while stuck at home.

From Scientific American
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