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The micro:bit Computer Gets An Upgrade


October 13, 2020

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The BBC micro:bit mini-computer — used by millions of schoolchildren across the world — has received its first major update since 2016.

The new model, to be released next month, includes a speaker and microphone, as well as artificial intelligence and machine-learning capabilities.

The micro:bit is intended to help children learn coding and computational thinking to unlock their creative potential, says Gareth Stockdale, chief executive of the Micro Bit Educational Foundation. The computer is used in primary schools, secondary schools, universities, and libraries. An estimated 25 million children in over 60 countries have learned computer skills on the device.

The new model will include a better microprocessor, with more memory; a built-in microphone and speaker; and a touch sensor. The hardware is now powerful enough to run machine-learning systems, and the foundation plans to expand into this area.

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