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China Nurtures Homegrown Talent to Promote Chip Self-Reliance

By Xinhua Net

November 5, 2020

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China has been making efforts to identify and train skilled professionals in the field of computer chips to achieve self-reliance in the integrated circuit (IC) industry.

The lack of chip experts is taken as the key bottleneck restricting the development of the IC industry in China. A government ministry white paper estimated a shortfall of 261,000 experts in China's IC industry by 2021.

Last month, Nanjing Integrated Circuit University in east China's Jiangsu Province became the first university in China to focus on the IC industry and at training industry professionals.

Attendees will be college students with essential professional knowledge, interdisciplinary students with interest in the IC industry, and junior employees in tech companies, rather than high school graduates. Instructors will be senior engineers and industry experts from home and abroad. Courses will be designed with an eye on job descriptions required by industry.

From Xinhua Net
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