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Fewer Than Half of U.S. High Schools Teach Computer Science

By PBS NewsHour

June 18, 2021

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While advocating for immigration reform, tech leaders and entrepreneurs are also pleading for more education in American high schools in computer science, a subject fewer than half of them teach.

"The permanent fix is to get our own folks into science and math," says Kishore Khandavalli, CEO of Dallas-based software maker 7T. "We've got to start early, in the elementary schools and middle schools, and say, 'Math is not hard.'"

While some argue that more temporary workers are the simplest fix to the tech talent shortage, Khandavalli would like to see deeper change. To retain its position as the world tech leader long term, he says, the U.S. needs to help international students gain permanent residency while drawing more U.S.-born students into the sciences.

From PBS NewsHour
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