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HR's Role in Understanding and Mitigating AI Bias

By ReadWrite

July 14, 2021

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While AI offers obvious benefits for HR groups, it also introduces serious challenges and potential pitfalls. One of the most difficult, yet critical, aspects to address is AI-induced bias, which can result in companies discriminating against qualified candidates.

Amazon had to scrap its AI system for screening résumés several years ago because it penalized women applicants. At the time, the majority of Amazon's employees were men, so the algorithm powering the AI system, trained on the company's own data, was overlooking well-qualified women candidates.

Companies that don't have the resources to build internal AI systems are outsourcing that work to providers like Workday or Google Cloud. Either way, HR needs to routinely review the data being collected to train the models and the results being produced.

HR teams need to understand what their AI systems can and can't do. The risks involved mean they should leverage AI to augment their role, not replace it.

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