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Indian Talent Moving to Canada Due to Outdated H1B Visa Policy, Experts Say

By Press Trust of India

July 16, 2021

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Sought-after Indian technical talent is moving to Canada from the United States due to the outdated U.S. immigration policies, particularly on H-1B visas, experts told the U.S. Congress on Tuesday (July 13).

Highly skilled foreign nationals, including international students, are choosing Canada over America, Stuart Anderson, executive director of National Foundation for American Policy, said in submitted testimony before the House Judiciary Committee-Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship.

The number of international students from India enrolled in graduate-level computer science and engineering at U.S. universities declined by more than 25 percent between 2016-17 and 2018-19 academic years, data shows.

Fast-growing Canadian companies are permitted to hire highly-skilled foreign talent, or people with skillsets most commonly found among H-1B applicants in the United States, in as little as four weeks, pre-pandemic, said Jennifer Young, the CEO of Technology Councils of North America.

The U.S. immigration system, by comparison, is paper-based, causing nearly all applicants significant delays in processing, she said.

From Press Trust of India
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