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Women See Tech Industry as a 'Boys Club,' Report Says


October 26, 2021

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Half of women in tech feel the industry is a boys club, but more than 60% are seeing signs of progress in spite of that, according to a new study from AnitaB.org. Although tech companies have made some moves in the past several years to create a more diversified and inclusive industry, women still feel the effects of being a minority in their field.

Fifty-three percent of nearly 1,000 women who completed the online survey feel they need to prove their worth to their employers, including advocating more for themselves.

The survey data found a blend of skepticism and optimism about the industry's efforts to increase diversity in the workforce. About 26% say they feel the industry's attempts toward inclusiveness are "very" or "extremely" sincere.

Looking forward, 25% of women say diversity and inclusion will improve significantly in the next five years. Fifty-four percent say it will improve somewhat, and 15% say it will stay the same. 

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