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Computational Scientist to Standardize Biological Data, Make It Searchable

By Michigan State University

October 28, 2021

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Michigan State University's Arjun Krishnan is working to standardize data from more than two million biological experiments and make it searchable for researchers through a web interface.

Much of this information is not used by biological and biomedical researchers because the lack of standards can make it vague or incomplete. "We will develop machine learning approaches to automatically annotate publicly available samples from six species (human and five animal models) on a massive scale to enable researchers to seamlessly discover relevant published data," says Krishnan, assistant professor in MSU's Department of Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering.

With the support of a 2021 National Science Foundation Career award, Krishnan will analyze large datasets using high-performance computing.

Once the data has been labeled and organized, Krishnan and his team will create an online web interface so that researchers can search for data that aligns with their research needs.

From Michigan State University
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