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Employee Surveillance Is Exploding With Remote Work

By HR Brew

January 21, 2022

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The rise of remote work with the pandemic in 2020 fueled a surge in demand for software that tracks employees as they do their jobs from home.

Employers can deploy clandestine software to monitor keystrokes and mouse movements on company computers, scrape emails, and take screenshots of employees' screens. Companies such as Teramind, ActivTrak, Hubstaff, and Workpuls have developed such tools.

The trend has accelerated in the pandemic: Unpublished research from Gartner found that 60% of companies with at least 1,000 workers had adopted these technologies by the end of 2021, compared to 30% prior to the pandemic. Activities once tracked in an office are now being collected inside people's homes.

Privacy experts and researchers say the technologies could be permanently integrated into the corporate ecosystem, raising questions of consent and running the risk of compromising employees' trust.

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