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Club Gets a Leg Up From Robotic Arm

By Montclair State University

February 10, 2022

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Omar Obidat credits a summer research position in getting him hooked on robotics. A senior Computer Science major at Montclair State University, he was assisting with research on how comfortable people are around a robotic arm. Now as president of a new student Robotics Club, he's hoping to share his passion in this field.

The Robotics Club is an outgrowth of the University's Collaborative Robotics and Smart Systems Laboratory (CRoSS Lab), where Assistant Professor Weitian Wang, the lab's director, organizes STEM education and outreach programs.

Interest has grown since Obidat and other founding members presented a showcase featuring multiple robots and smart systems. In February, the club is conducting a series of workshops on robotics innovation. A goal is to attract more women and underrepresented minorities to the STEM field, Wang says.

From Montclair State University
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