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Has the Data Science Field Become Less Competitive?

By Analytics India Magazine

April 5, 2022

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There have been a few mild yet significant signs that data science as a job might be losing its sheen.

Data science may be getting less competitive due to three main reasons: the rising popularity of low/no-code platforms; exponential growth in the number of data scientists (often outpacing demand); and the dilution of 'data scientist' as a job title, according to a senior manager at Activision.

A large chunk of computer science or computer engineering graduates view data science as the ultimate career choice. People from other fields, including non-technical backgrounds, are also opting in. Recruiters often complain about the lack of skills in the candidates they interview.

On the flip side, trained candidates experience a huge disconnect between expectation and reality. The term "data scientist" has become popular and overused in job descriptions, says Robin Das, CEO of BrandIntelle Services. "There are a lot of cases where there is actually no data science involved, but it is still called data science," Das says. "And nobody can do anything about this as there are no specific guidelines."

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