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CS Program Can't Keep Up with Record Demand from Undergrads

June 1, 2022

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Some 7,587 freshman applicants to the University of Washington for next year picked the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering as their top choice for a major — more than economics, political science, nursing, and mechanical engineering combined.

But the Allen School has room for only 550 new undergraduates in the fall. Only 7% of direct admission students were offered a spot in the Allen School, compared to 52% of applicants to the UW's College of Engineering.

Champions of the school pushed for and secured $4 million of additional funding over the past two years to boost the Allen School's capacity by 100 students. Over the past decade, the program has received seven so-called budget provisos to increase its funding.

Even as available spots still lag well behind student demand, advocates struggle to keep securing more money for the computer science program. There's strong competition for limited state funds across K-12 education, higher ed, and within the UW itself.

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