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Tweeting Their Way to Higher Pay

By University of Texas at Austin

August 2, 2022

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Executives who regularly promote themselves on social media may have a leg up when it comes to landing high-paying job offers that help to advance their careers.

In a published study, University of Texas at Austin Professor Andrew Whinston found that savvy executive candidates such as CEOs and CIOs who modestly — but frequently — tout their knowledge, expertise, and skills on Twitter were 32% more likely to attract higher-paying job offers after interviews.

The finding offers evidence that personal branding done well has been understood to help elevate candidates' credibility and set them apart from their fellow job seekers. It also has longer-term effects in the form of better job opportunities and higher overall earnings.

The findings have applications for lower-level workers, who may boost their careers if they take the time to post high-quality, relevant content that promotes their personal brands, the researchers say.

From University of Texas at Austin
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