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Demand Cools for Less Experienced Software Engineers

By The Pragmatic Engineer

August 8, 2022

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The market for less experienced software engineers is worse now than in 2021. Bootcamps and universities are graduating new entrants to the market, but companies are still more likely to hire experienced engineers.

Prospects are harder for entry-level software engineers who lack pedigree, that is, did not graduate from a well-known school, have not done an internship at a well-known tech company, or do not have a strong network that can refer individuals to entry-level positions at the company where they work.

And something that has never happened before: Meta did not make offers to its interns who are new graduates.

For new grads, the current tech climate can safely be compared to challenging market for those seeking their first job in tech in 2008, following the financial crisis, or in 2001, after the dot-com bust.

From The Pragmatic Engineer
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