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Tech's Offshore Hiring Has Gone Into Overdrive

By Wired

August 12, 2022

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Experienced developers outside the United States are finding themselves in increasingly high demand from American tech companies as the rise of remote work and a U.S. talent shortage have spurred searches for more globalized teams.

A 2022 report from tech services company Commit estimated that offshoring software development roles would increase by 70 percent over the next year.

Companies like Terminal connect developers in Latin America, Spain, and Poland with startups in places like the United States and the United Kingdom. They vet developers and then provide benefits like health insurance, pay local taxes, and ensure the developers receive perks like paid time off, says co-founder Dylan Serota.

Many new hires are coming from countries like the Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, and India, which have long been markets to cheaply staff call centers, and are now providing talent to fill other roles. "I see this as a talent arbitrage story," says Jimit Arora, a partner at Everest Group. "You go where the talent is."

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