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The Making of an IT Strategy Consultant

By Kristian Sørensen

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 65 No. 9, Page 7

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Many years ago, during an internship at IBM in Tokyo, my mentor asked me how I envisioned my career. I replied, "It's important that my work is fun." She replied rather dryly, "You can't live off fun, Kristian." Today, my response would be: "It's not living without it."

But my story really starts even further back in time—to 1987—when I was just six years old. I can still recall the exhilaration of playing with that Commodore 64 as if it were yesterday. This experience manifested as a life-long fascination with technology, and I eventually graduated with a master's degree in computer science from Aalborg University (Denmark) in 2005. My first job, that internship at IBM Tokyo Security Research Lab, turned out to be the most remarkable experience, personally as well as professionally. Culture, expertise, people, international collaborations, innovation, fun—it was all there, and I wanted more.


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