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Preparing Computer Systems for Evolving Technology

By University of Rhode Island

October 6, 2022

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Weiwei Jia, an assistant professor on the computer engineering faculty at the University of Rhode Island, is developing next-generation cloud systems that do a better job of handling current and future technology.

"My research paves the way for modern clouds to deploy new services and applications," Jia says.

Two examples of systems designed by Jia are a first task scheduler for edge computing, called DASEC, and an effective cloud memory management system, called GEMINI. DASEC helps edge computing provide low response times for a wide range of applications. GEMINI will improve the performance of data intensive applications in virtualized clouds and data centers.

"Today's data-intensive applications . . . are pervasive in clouds and data centers," said Jia. "I built GEMINI to efficiently store and manage huge datasets."

From University of Rhode Island
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