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Big Tech Employees Are TikToking on the Job. Their Bosses Don't Like It

By The Verge

October 17, 2022

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TikTok lifestyle vlogging has given rise to a cottage industry of creators who've made working in tech — and showing followers the ins and outs of their workday — a key part of their personal brand. Viewer comments oscillate between contempt and yearning, with many mockingly pointing out how little work is shown in the videos. But invariably, dozens ask: are you hiring?

Tech employees have racked up millions of views on these glossy aspirational videos. But messy boundaries around filming at work have led to HR warnings and even firings. Corporations are concerned about influencers showing too much or revealing things they may not want the whole world to see.

What's allowed and what isn't isn't always clear for either side.

Some companies are more strict than others, forbidding the filming of lobbies, entrances, and security measures like badges. Others bar filming at desks — revealing even hints of what you're working on is off-limits.

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