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Why I Left Tech to Pursue Art

By Liam Hz

November 14, 2022

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I left my job at a tech startup to study art full time. I've spent 240 hours the past six months drawing, and I'm eager to go all-in. I'm planning to apply to Sheridan's animation undergrad program in February.

I grew up building AI and computer graphics projects for fun. I skipped class in high school to work at startups. I'm aware of the irony of pursuing an art career now.

I don't enjoy working in tech anymore. The past two years I worked at an AI hedge fund in San Francisco, found myself surrounded by millionaires, and saw that they weren't notably happier than my broke college friends. I really enjoy creating things, so working a job I don't enjoy to retire early doesn't appeal to me.

 The problems I'm currently able to solve aren't problems that I care about. I want to get out of the bubble I currently live in and experience new ways of living.

From Liam Hz
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