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Are You Ready for Workplace Brain Scanning?

By IEEE Spectrum

November 21, 2022

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Neural sensors are now reliable and affordable enough to support commercial pilot projects that extract productivity-enhancing data from workers' brains. These projects aren't confined to specialized workplaces; they're also happening in offices, factories, farms, and airports.

The sensors detect electrical activity across different areas of the brain, and the patterns in that activity can be broadly correlated with different feelings or physiological responses, such as stress, focus, or a reaction to external stimuli.

Emotiv, a Silicon Valley neurotechnology company, has released three models of lightweight brain-scanning headsets. CEO Tan Le sees neurotech as the next trend in wearables. When a company uses an Emotiv system, workers get insight into their individual levels of focus and stress, and managers get aggregated and anonymous data about their teams.

From IEEE Spectrum
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