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Remote Jobs Are in Demand, and in Decline

By The Washington Post

November 29, 2022

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Wage increases are plateauing, signing bonuses are cooling off, and fewer companies are allowing people to work from home than they did even a few months ago.

Demand for remote jobs remains near all-time highs, even as companies roll back telework positions. Fifty percent of job applications submitted on LinkedIn are for work-from-home positions, which make up just 15 percent of listings, according to a recent report from the jobs site.

Labor mismatches in the past have been about skills, but today's mismatch is different, says Rand Ghayad, head of economics and global labor markets at LinkedIn, who wrote the recent report. "Workers are looking for jobs that offer certain attributes — like the ability to work remotely — that employers aren't willing to offer."

Other jobs sites are reporting similar trends. At Indeed, remote-job postings have slowed in recent months, even in tech-heavy areas such as software development.

From The Washington Post
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