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Tech Company Has Daily Message for Employees: 'Please Go Home!'

By NBC News

February 27, 2023

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The message comes up on employees' computers shortly before the end of their shifts, starting with a bright red "Warning!!!"

"Your shift time is over," it reads. "The office system will shut down in 10 mins. PLEASE GO HOME!"

The measure by SoftGrid Computers, in Indore, India, is intended to ensure that employees don't overwork themselves, says co-founder and chief executive Shweta Shukla. It's a way to prioritize necessary breaks and maintain an overall work-life balance among their 40 employees, who would often stay late to meet client and office demands.

Employees were baffled when the warning first flashed across their screens, with some thinking it was a prank or that their computers had been hacked. Most employees appreciated that it encourages them to create time-related boundaries at work, which is not the usual culture at Indian tech companies.

From NBC News
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