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Computer Science Leads The List Of Most Lucrative College Majors

By Forbes

May 4, 2023

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A new analysis of how much college graduates earn shows that computer science tops the list of the most lucrative undergraduate degrees. Data from the U.S. Department of Eduction's most recent College Scorecard was used to analyze the earnings of the graduates of more than 36,000 undergraduate degree program.

At the individual program level, computer science degrees averaged the highest median salaries. Of the ten baccalaureate programs where graduates were making at least $200,000 annually just four years after graduating, eight were in computer science or computer engineering. In order, those programs were at Harvard University (1), California Institute of Technology (2), Carnegie Mellon University (3), University of Pennsylvania (4), Princeton University (5), Brown University (6), Yale University (8), and Stanford University (10).

The other two majors with median earnings topping $200,000 were the finance program at the Univeristy of Pennsylvania (7), and the electrical, electronic and communications engineering program at the University of California, Berkeley (9).

Of the top 20 individual degree programs ranked by median income, 16 were in computer science or computer engineering.

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