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AI Will Create More Developers, Not Less

By Interconnected

May 12, 2023

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A simple test can settle the raging debate about whether code generation AI products will create or destroy more jobs for developers. Look around and count how many products or services you use regularly that you wish are better digitized or "software-ized." Unless and until that number is 0, there will be more developers, not less. 

There are way more technologies that ought to be built that aren't. AI-assisted programming enables more people to fill that void. It's quite obvious that AI is an accelerator, not a detractor, of unabated global developer growth.

While the macro trend of global developer growth won't reverse due to AI, one thing will change: tech company creation. AI-assisted coding products make experienced developers more productive. So more people will have the wherewithal to fix some problem in their lives by building software. More digital products will be created, but the companies that build them will on average be smaller.

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