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Unfair Automated Hiring Systems Are Everywhere

By Wired

May 16, 2023

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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission urgently needs to regulate automated hiring systems.

The American worker is being reduced to numbers by AI technologies in the workplace, automated hiring systems chief among them. These systems reduce applicants to a score or rank, often ignoring the gestalt of their human experience. Sometimes they even sort people by their race, age, and sex, a practice that's legally prohibited from being part of the employment decision-making process.

Ironically, many of these systems are marketed as being bias-free or guaranteed to reduce the probability of discriminatory hiring. But because they're so loosely regulated, such systems      have been shown to deny equal employment opportunity on the basis of protected categories such as race, age, sex, and disability.

The FTC should require auditing to ensure that automated hiring platforms are fulfilling the promises they make to employers. 

From Wired
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