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A practical method for constructing LR (k) processors

By A. J. Korenjak

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 12 No. 11, Pages 613-623

A practical method for constructing LR(k) processors is developed. These processors are capable of recognizing and parsing an input during a single no-backup scan in a number of steps equal to the length of the input plus the number of steps in its derivation. The technique presented here is based on the original method described by Knuth, but decreases both the effort required to construct the processor and the size of the processor produced. This procedure involves partitioning the given grammar into a number of smaller parts. If an LR(k) processor can be constructed for each part (using Knuth's algorithm) and if certain conditions relating these individual processors are satisfied, then an LR(k) processor for the entire grammar can be constructed for them. Using this procedure, an LR(1) parser for ALGOL has been obtained.

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