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NEATER2: a PL/I source statement reformatter

By Kenneth Conrow, Ronald G. Smith

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 13 No. 11, Pages 669-675

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NEATER2 accepts a PL/I source program and operates on it to produce a reformatted version. When in the LOGICAL mode, NEATER2 indicates the logical structure of the source program in the indentation pattern of its output. Logic errors discovered through NEATER2 logical analysis are discovered much more economically than is possible through compilation and trial runs. A number of options are available to give the user full control over the output format and to maximize the utility of NEATER2 as an aid during the early stages of development of a PL/I source deck. One option, USAGE, causes NEATER2 to insert into each logical unit of coding a statement which will cause the number of times each one is executed to be recorded during execution. This feature is expected to provide a major aid in optimization of PL/I programs.

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