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Remark 2 on algorithm 300 [S22]

By H. Vos

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 16 No. 5, Pages 308-309

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The procedure Coulomb can be used very well to generate the Coulomb wave functions FL and GL and their derivatives, needed in elastic scattering calculations in nuclear physics. When the procedure is used many times for many values of rho and eta, it is not only very useful but also necessary to have in each instance an indication about the accuracy of the results. It is obvious to use the Wronskian relations FLGL - FLGL′ ≡ 1 for the purpose of checking the results, as Fröberg [1] states after formula (3.4). However, one has to be very careful in using these relations. The most significant check is given later on, but first it is shown what can go wrong.

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