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Recommendations for master's level programs in computer science: a report of the ACM curriculum committee on computer science

By Kenneth I. Magel, Richard H. Austing, Alfs Berztiss, Gerald L. Engel, John W. Hamblen, A. A.J. Hoffmann, Robert Mathis

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 24 No. 3, Pages 115-123

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The ACM Committee on Curriculum in Computer Science has spent two years investigating master's degree programs in Computer Science. This report contains the conclusions of that effort. Recommendations are made concerning the form, entrance requirements, possible courses, staffing levels, intent, library resources, and computing resources required for an academic, professional, or specialized master's degree. These recommendations specify minimum requirements which should be met by any master's programs. The Committee believes that the details of a particular master's program should be determined and continually updated by the faculty involved. A single or a small number of model programs are not as appropriate at the graduate level as at the bachelor's level.

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