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From Washington: The STARS program

By Rosalie Steier

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 26 No. 6, Page 399

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In 1979 the Department of Defense started its “software initiative,” an effort to maintain U.S. leadership in computer technology for support of its military systems. The “software initiative” evolved into the Software Technology for Adaptable Reliable Systems program (STARS), first outlined in the “Strategy for a DoD Software Initiative” in October 1982 and later refined in the “STARS Program Strategy” in March 1983. STARS is intended to address DoD software problems in the same way the Very High Speed Integrated Circuits1 program (VHSIC) is intended to ameliorate DoD hardware limitations in defense systems. The basic plan is a cooperative effort of government, industry, and academia in software technology. Industry is offered contractual incentives; both industry and academia are encouraged to contribute their best talent.

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