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An overview of the proposed american national standard for local distributed data interfaces

By William E. Burr

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 26 No. 8, Pages 554-561

The Local Distributed Data Interface (LDDI) Project of X3 Technical Committee X3T9 has resulted in three draft proposed American National Standards for a high performance local area network. The proposed standards are organized in accordance with the ISO Reference Model for Open Systems Interconnection and encompass the lowest two protocol layers (data link and physical) of the model, plus a serial broadband coaxial bus interface. The intended application of the LDDI is as a backend network for the interconnection of high performance CPUs and block transfer peripherals such as magnetic disk and tapes. A carrier-sense multiple access with collision prevention (CSMA-CP) distributed bus arbitration protocol is employed. The cable interface supports the attachment of up to 28 ports over a cable distance of 0.5 km (8 ports may be attached to a 1 km cable) at a transfer rate of 50 Mbit/s.

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