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Factors of success for end-user computing

By Suzanne Rivard, Sid L. Huff

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 31 No. 5, Pages 552-561

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A two-phase study concerned with the factors of success associated with the development of computer applications by end users was conducted in 10 large organizations. During the first phase, in-depth interviews were used to refine a preliminary model of the factors of success for user development of computer applications (UDA). In the second phase, a questionnaire was administered to 272 end users experienced in developing applications. Statistical tests of the relationships in the model indicated that all but one of the derived hypotheses were substantiated. The result of this study is a field-verified model of the factors of success of UDA that provides a basis for implementation of UDA practices and policies in organizations, as well as for further research in end-user computing.

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