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SQL Databases v. NoSQL Databases

By Michael Stonebraker

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 53 No. 4, Pages 10-11

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Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about NoSQL databases. In fact, there were at least two conferences on the topic in 2009, one on each coast.

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You seem to be giving a feeling that using a DBMS native code like a stored procedures can *always* give you better performance than accessing the Db via ODBC/JDBC kind of APIs. This can be true only for cases where the application is fetching a lot of records and ferrying them over the wire to "application server" tier where it applies some business logic to them to finally produce just a small dataset as a result. In such cases sure one could avoid the n/w overhead by doing all the business logic in a stored procedure, but other than such a scenario there's not a significant performance gain in using stored procedures.


Ralf Sattler

The topic itself and the article are interesting, but I really think that 15 Dollar are way too much for just 2 pages.

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