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Web Science Meets Network Science

By Alex Wright

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 54 No. 5, Page 23

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A pair of divergent scientific communities discusses their similarities and differences, and search for common ground.

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Carolina Perez Gutt

This is my very personal thinking:

Net and web as words means exactly the same, if we continue trying to separate things, "we are going to fly in atoms" far from the true.
-Don't have we learn from our own history?-

Both "areas" works with multi-disiplinary and multi-cultural questions, if there is a difference, it would be were each one is applied, but both areas had the capability to complement each other.

So I humbly think we should find a name to include both areas of the same sience.

I'm a web project manager and web creative


I agree these points of view!
Both areas of the same science!
But multi-disciplinary!

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