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Media Tablets For Mobile Learning

By Evgeny Kaganer, Gabriel A. Giordano, Sebastien Brion, Marco Tortoriello

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 56 No. 11, Pages 68-75

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As consumers continue to shift everyday activities onto personal mobile devices, organizations seek to provide similar capabilities for their employees. Introduction of the iPad in April 2010 and ensuing explosion of the worldwide media tablet market was yet another impetus to the rising importance of mobility in the enterprise. Tablets offer a sweet spot for mobile workers looking for media, collaboration, and basic personal productivity capabilities on the go. Forrester Research expects almost one-third of tablets to be sold directly to businesses by 2016.7

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Key Insights


Enterprise initiatives involving media tablets span multiple contexts: as notepads for executives; showcase and presentation tools for sales professionals; decision-support devices for technical staff in the field; and education support for organization training and development. Mobile learning, a strategy to facilitate, enhance, and extend teaching and learning through mobile devices, is often touted as a way to address the challenges of the world's increasingly global, mobile, technologically savvy work force.9


Luke Dunstan

"You have to constantly go back and forth between the text and the tables, which is a bit of a pain."

This article has the same problem, like the rest of CACM. I wonder whether the figures and tables will ever be inlined?

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