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Model-Based Testing: Where Does It Stand?

By Robert V. Binder, Bruno Legeard, Anne Kramer

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 58 No. 2, Pages 52-56

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You have probably heard about model-based testing (MBT), but like many software-engineering professionals who have not used MBT, you might be curious about others' experience with this test-design method.

From mid-June 2014 to early August 2014, we conducted a survey to learn how MBT users view its efficiency and effectiveness. The 2014 MBT User Survey, a follow-up to a similar 2012 survey (http://robertvbinder.com/realusers-of-model-based-testing/), was open to all those who have evaluated or used any MBT approach. Its 32 questions included some from a survey distributed at the 2013 User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing. Some questions focused on the efficiency and effectiveness of MBT, providing the figures that managers are most interested in. Other questions were more technical and sought to validate a common MBT classification scheme. As there are many significantly different MBT approaches, beginners are often confused. A common classification scheme could help users understand both the general diversity and specific approaches.


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