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Raising ACM's Digital Library

By Wayne Graves

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 58 No. 3, Page 5

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The ACM Digital Library has been around for quite some time; in fact this year it will turn 17. This makes the ACM Digital Library the youngest of my three children. The other two are 22 and 19. Over these past 20 years, all three have given me reason to lose sleep and to be proud. I believe they are all on a solid foundation. The core concepts and values are in place and they have reached a level of maturity that can be built upon to accomplish great things as they all move into their 20s.

The ACM DL (dl.acm.org) is a collection of publications serving the needs of approximately five million users worldwide. High-quality ideas, concepts, and views across the breadth of the computing space have been published by ACM for over 60 years. Making critical content discoverable and accessible has been the primary goal of the ACM DL since its conception. Expanding the scope of the ACM DL beyond what ACM publishes to include fully integrated bibliographic data of all computing literature has proven to be an extremely important part of that primary goal.


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