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Meta II: Digital Vellum in the Digital Scriptorium

By Dave Long

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 58 No. 3, Pages 43-48

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Some people do living history—reviving older skills and material culture by reenacting Waterloo or knapping flint knives. One pleasant rainy weekend in 2012, I set my sights a little more recently and settled in for a little meditative retro-computing, circa 1962, following the ancient mode of transmission of knowledge: lecture and recitation—or rather, grace of living in historical times, lecture (here, in the French sense, reading) and transcription (or even more specifically, grace of living post-Post, lecture and reimplementation).

Fortunately, for my purposes, Dewey Val Schorre's paper10 on META II was, unlike many more recent digital artifacts, readily available as a digital scan.


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