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How SysAdmins Devalue Themselves

By Thomas A. Limoncelli

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 59 No. 4, Pages 48-49

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Q: Dear Tom: How can I devalue my work? Lately I've felt like everyone appreciates me, and, in fact, I'm overpaid and underutilized. Could you help me devalue myself at work?

A: Dear Reader: Absolutely! I know what a pain it is to lug home those big paychecks. It's so distracting to have people constantly patting you on the back. Ouch! Plus, popularity leads to dates with famous musicians and movie stars. (Just ask someone like Taylor Swift or Leonardo DiCaprio.) Who wants that kind of distraction when there's a perfectly good video game to be played?


David Chung

"The spice must flow so we can make the bologna to put in our slacks before we head to Mount Doom" <-- Ouch, this sentence made me laugh. I must be one of the weird ones.

Thomas Limoncelli

@david chung: As long as you laugh, it's all ok.

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