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Multimodal Biometrics For Enhanced Mobile Device Security

By Mikhail I. Gofman, Sinjini Mitra, Tsu-Hsiang Kevin Cheng, Nicholas T. Smith

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 59 No. 4, Pages 58-65

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Millions of Mobile devices are stolen every year, along with associated credit card numbers, passwords, and other secure and personal information stored therein. Over the years, criminals have learned to crack passwords and fabricate biometric traits and have conquered practically every kind of user-authentication mechanism designed to stop them from accessing device data. Stronger mobile authentication mechanisms are clearly needed.

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Key Insights


Here, we show how multimodal biometrics promises untapped potential for protecting consumer mobile devices from unauthorized access, an authentication approach based on multiple physical and behavioral traits like face and voice. Although multimodal biometrics are deployed in homeland security, military, and law-enforcement applications,15,18 they are not yet widely integrated into consumer mobile devices. This can be attributed to implementation challenges and concern that consumers may find the approach inconvenient.


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