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Start CS Students Off with Industry Best Practices

By CACM Staff

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 60 No. 12, Page 6

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Lamenting that CS Students are often not exposed to best practices in the classroom, software engineer Thomas A. Limoncelli offered advice for serving students better in his article "Four Ways to Make CS and IT More Immersive" (Oct. 2017). We agree with that sentiment, as we reported in our Viewpoint "Crossing the Software Education Chasm" (May 2012), describing development of a course very much in line with Limoncelli's recommendations. We continue to welcome instructors to use our course materials and approach for Engineering Software as a Service, or ESaaS, originally developed at the University of California, Berkeley, as a way to follow Limoncelli's guidelines:

Use best-of-breed dev/ops tools from the start. In our ESaaS course, students use Git from day one, including (in their open-ended design project) badges for coverage, CodeClimate, and continuous integration.


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