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Introducing Communications' Regional Special Sections

By Andrew A. Chien

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 61 No. 11, Pages 36-37

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In my March 2018 editorial "Here Comes Everybody ... to Communications," I announced an initiative to expand the Communications of the ACM community globally. I am pleased to introduce the first regional special section, which we hope will become a feature in Communications that you anticipate and enjoy, and of course value for the insights and perspectives it presents!

The theme for the regional special sections is, "Here Comes Everybody to Communications."a Why bring everybody to the magazine? Because the flagship publication of the world's leading computing professional society must include important voices and a variety of perspectives regarding the present and future of computing, regardless of where they may be found. Over the years, computing has grown into virtually every industry and every product, impacting every aspect of society and the economy of every nation; at the same time, the computing profession also has expanded into communities around the globe.


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