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Between the Lines in the China Region Special Section

By CACM Staff

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 62 No. 2, Pages 6-7

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As I read the special section on the China Region (Nov. 2018), I thought privacy in China deserved better treatment than was expressed in the section's foreword "Welcome to the China Region Special Section" by co-organizers Wenguang Chen and Xiang-Yang Li, that "People in China seem less sensitive about privacy." It sounded almost identical to what Robin Li, CEO and co-founder of Baidu, said in a talk at the March 2018 China Development Forum that was not well received by China's Internet users.2

A March 2018 survey of 100,000 Chinese households by CCTV and Tencent Research reported 76.3% of participants view AI as a threat to privacy.1 Other global privacy surveys, including one by KPMG, reported privacy awareness in China as far more prevalent than the authors seemed to imply.


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