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ACM Publications Finances

By Jack W. Davidson, Joseph A. Konstan, Scott E. Delman

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 63 No. 5, Pages 53-57

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Over the past year, ACM has developed and started promoting the ACM Open business model, a model we expect to lead to full open access for ACM publications. As part of these discussions with our institutional subscribers, we were asked for a clearer picture of the finances of ACM's publications program. We know that members have also often asked questions about both the costs and revenues associated with our publications. We are writing this article to share what we have found with ACM's membership.

Why this article? As far as we know, this is the first time ACM has reported this level of detailed and comprehensive cross-departmental financial information relating to publications revenues and expenses to our entire membership. ACM keeps detailed financial records as a non-profit, however, we have historically reported financials by department in our annual reports. Over the past year, it has become increasingly important to identify all of the costs related to our publications, not just in our publications department, but across all ACM departments involved with and expenses related to ACM publications, such as information services and technology, marketing, finance, membership, legal, office space, travel, utilities, and management, and to report these expenses in a clear and transparent way for our membership and institutional Digital Library customers.


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