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CoCoPIE: Enabling Real-Time AI on Off-the-Shelf Mobile Devices via Compression-Compilation Co-Design

By Hui Guan, Shaoshan Liu, Xiaolong Ma, Wei Niu, Bin Ren, Xipeng Shen, Yanzhi Wang, Pu Zhao

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 64 No. 6, Pages 62-68

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Many believe the company that enables real intelligence on end devices (such as mobile and IoT devices) will define the future of computing. Racing toward this goal, many companies, whether tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Facebook, or startups spent tens of billions of dollars each year on R&D.

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Key Insights


Assuming hardware is the major constraint for enabling real-time mobile intelligence, more companies dedicate their main efforts to developing specialized hardware accelerators for machine learning and inference. Billions of dollars have been spent to fuel this intelligent hardware race.


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